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iTalk DME Kids #245 Lesson112

iTalk DME Kids #245
BOOK5 Lesson112

なので、まだ眠いよーーー >< というお話から^^;

I'm still sleepy.
because a fire engine was very noisy last night.
I woke up midnight.
I went back to sleep at one am.
I hope everyone is safe and sound over there. (皆さんが無事でありますように)

↑と言ったら、I hope you are ok! だって (^^ゞ


Write questions.
I went to a computer shop to buy a game for my younger brother.

答えには「for?」 だけあるのです。
「for my younger brother」を質問すればいいんだと思いついたものの・・・
そういう時の疑問視って、Who? じゃないし、、、わかんなーい (>_<)

To whom, did you go to a computer shop to buy a game for?

「Whom」は 「誰に」という意味なんですね ^^;
というか、、、Whom なんて、いままでのレッスンで出てきてないよーー。
この突然 exercise や Dictation で登場する単語って止めてほしいーー。

If you had a dog, how many tins of dog food would you buy a week?
If the dog was big, I would buy seven tins of dog food a week, but if the dog was small, I would buy four tins only.
What would your mum say if you brought a snake home?
If I brought a snake home my mum would tell me to take it away.
Did you bring any food with you to school last lesson?
No, I didn't bring any food with me to school last lesson.
Do hedgehogs bite people?
Hedgehogs don't generally bite people, but they can bite if they are very afraid.
Did any insects bite you last summer?
No, no insects bit me last summer.

Even: 副詞
1 [通例修飾する語句の前に置いて] [事実・極端な事例などを強調して] …でさえ(も), …すら
2 (それどころか)いやまったく[本当に]
3 [比較級を強めて] いっそう, なお
Kill: 〈…を〉殺す, 死なせる
How many types of sharks are there?
There are more than 250 types of sharks.
Do all sharks live in oceans?
No, not all sharks live in oceans, but some live in oceans and some live in lakes and rivers.
How long can the teeth of a shark be?
The teeth of a shark can be even 7.5 centimeters long.
How many teeth can the shark have?
The shark can have even 3000 teeth.
Why do people kill sharks?
People kill sharks for their meat, and sometimes because they're afraid of them.
Do you know any other animals that people kill for their meat?
Some other animals that people kill for their meat are chickens, pigs, cows, etc.
Would you like to have a pig farm?
No, I wouldn't like to have a pig farm.

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