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iTalk DME Kids #213 Lesson97

iTalk DME Kids #213
BOOK5 Lesson97

前回の出来がよくなかったので、リクエストして Lesson97の最初のパートからはじめてもらいました。
iTalk DME KIDS では、先生によって、前回REVIEWからはじめる場合と、そうでない場合があります。
あ、そうそう、それと、ひとつのBOOKが終わってから、ALLREVIEWをするかどうかも生徒のリクエストによるものだそうです。DME ADULT は、EXAM と ALLREVIEW があるそうですけどね。

TIN:ブリキ缶 (米語:can)
canned=tinned : 缶詰類

CAN に "~できる" 以外の意味があるなんて知らなかった~。
TIN も知らなかったけど。

説明してもらったも意味がわからず、またまた GOOGLE 画像検索にお世話になりました^^;

Give me some examples of fruit that we put in tins?


オレンジ、パイナップル、ピーチ ・・・といったら


When was the last you ate in a restaurant?
The last time when I ate in a restaurant was yesterday.
Do you remember how much your meal cost?
My meal cost about 1000yen.
Did you meet your classmates at school yesterday?
No, I didn't meet my classmates at school yesterday.
Did you meet any of your cousins last summer?
Yes, I met some of my cousins last summer.
How much did the last ticket you bought cost?
The last ticket I bought cost about 160yen.
What kind of ticket was it?
It was a train ticket.
Have you got a computer?
Yes, I've got a computer.
How much did the most expensive computer game you saw cost?
The most expensive computer game I saw cost about 20,000yen.

Tin: ブリキ缶
Preserve: 保存する
Bean: 豆
Pear: 洋梨
Why do we put food in tins?
We put food in tins in order to preserve it.
What kind of food do we put in tins?
The kind of food we put in tins is fish, meat, fruit and vegetable.
Do we put all vegetables in tins?
No, we don't put all vegetables in tins, but some we do and some we don't.
Give me some examples of vegetables that we put in tins.
Some examples of vegetables that we put in tins are: tomatoes, beans, peas etc.
Give me some examples of fruit that we put in tins.
Some examples of fruit that we put in tins are: peaches, oranges and pineapples.
Which way of preserving food is better: putting it in tins or freezing it?
I think putting food in tins is better than freezing it.

What do we need in order to open a tin?
We need a tin opener in order to open a tin.
Do you think it's safe to open a tin with a knife?
No, I don't think it's safe to open a tin with a knife, but it's dangerous.
Because we can cut our finger.
Did you open any tins last month?
No, I didn't open any tins last month.
Which do you enjoy more: eating fresh pineapples or tinned pineapples?
I enjoy eating fresh pineapples more.
Because fresh pineapples taste better.
What about peaches?
I enjoy eating fresh peaches more than tinned peaches.
What do you enjoy most of all?
I enjoy eating sweets most of all.
Do you enjoy meeting people?
Yes, I enjoy meeting people.
Did your mum enjoy travelling when you were a little child?
Yes, my mum enjoyed travelling when I was a little child.

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